Torchlight Imaginäres Tier V1.2 ( Imaginary Pet)
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Imaginary Pet V1.1 11/1/2009

Added the "Nullfish" to the General Merchant for people who started playing the game with a normal, visible pet. Feeding a Nullfish to your pet will result in it vanishing and not being able to be attacked/attack. Result can be reversed by feeding the pet another effect fish.

*Note, the merchant does not like to stock this and the respec potion at the same time. If you check the merchant and the fish isn't there (or the respec potion isn't there if you have that mod installed) just leave town and return until he stocks it.

Imaginary Pet V1.0 10/28/2009

Restores the removed Imaginary Pet to the game. The pet is invisible and cannot attack/be attacked, however, two things:

1.) You can still send the pet back to town to sell items loaded into its inventory.
2.) Feeding your imaginary pet another fish will result in it once being visible

That's about it, thanks to Runic for such a great game.

Place the "Imaginary Pet" folder in the "mod" folder usually found at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods

-Visceral Monkey

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