Neue TorchED Version online

Kommt ihr mit dem Editor nicht klar oder habt ihr Tipps für andere Bastler? In diesem Forum geht es rund um den TorchED Editor

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Neue TorchED Version online

Beitrag von Telias »

Heute wurde eine neue TorchED Version veröffentlicht. Wir sind gerade dabei die Datei bei uns auf den Server zu stellen, da Filefront sehr langsam ist. Aber hier schon mal die Patchnotes.

Die neue Version von TorchED kann nun von unserem Server herunter geladen werden.
Build notes:
-Cinematics now save properly to the mod directory in the Cinematics editor
-Recipes now save property to the mod directory in the Recipes editor
-Thread priority is now “Normal”
-Fixed anchoring for “Infer Points after” checkbox in stat line editor
-Fixed list editing in Quest/Skills editors
-Fixed pane/column/row properties not saving in the unit skills pane
-Removed error message when the unit skill panel tries to display a skill name for a skill that doesn’t exist (now logged to the ogre.log)
-Fixed editing sets’ “NAME” and “DISPLAYNAME” properties
-Moved all the data/settings files over to appdata to avoid admin right issues.
-Undos are now capped at 100 when editing layouts.
-Fixed dungeon cloning
-Fixed dungeon deleting
-Fixed “Show Map” control not saving in the rules set editor
-Rule sets are now sorted in the rule set editor
-Fixed rule sets editor not saving explicit layouts if an explicit layout doesn’t already exist in the rule set
-No more 1-2 second pause when resizing the editor.
-Removed duplicate “Reset” input on unit triggers.
-Fixed crash when playing in the editor after having stopped playing with the in-game UI open.
-Fixed texture override controls on unit editor using the absolute path instead of the relative path if you’re modding
-Fixed crash if selecting a DDS instead of a png through the texture override control
-Affixes now reload when the affix editor is saved
-Added option to explicitly reload affixes through the ‘reload assets’ drop-down doo-hickey.
-Fixed some control docking/anchoring issues in the effects/affixes editor
-”File” icon on the scene managers (left pane) now just says “File” to avoid confusion
-Fixed the Player save loader in the editor options. (the thing that lets you use a character from a particular save file when playing in-game in the editor)
-Fixed new “ranged” stat lines not being parsed properly when restarting the stat line editor
-Fixed layout paths not being relative if you browse to a layout in your current mod directory in skill events.
-Fixed cloning a skill that’s already in your mod in the skills editor.
-Fixed cloning a quest that’s already in your mod in the quest editor.
-Fixed exception when adding inclusive files to a newly added chunktype in a mod rule set.
-Fixed “Level” column not saving in effects panel.
-Editor now always uses en-US culture settings (for things like ‘.’ vs ‘,’ in floats). Should no longer have goofiness in the stat line editor due to decimal symbol parsing, etc.
-Added missing “Uses” control to the items editor
-Added “Target Type” control to items editor
-Monster objects now default to “dog” in the editor (to avoid null monsters)
-”Play” in the editor will now load a default layout if trying to play a layout without any room pieces in it.
-Backspace now does the same this as Delete when working with layouts. (I believe this should help Mac boot campers)
-Fixed animation editor having several problems when editing .animation files in a mod.