Torchlight FishMash: Fish Transmutation v1.03
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The purpose of this mod is to cut down on the tedium of trying to catch a Giant Fish for your pet, by giving you the ability to transmute fish. It also adds a new size of fish between Normal and Big, to help cut down on the massive jump between a 120 seconds and 3600 seconds effective time.


To install:

Unzip the structure into your %appdata%\runic games\torchlight\mods\ folder. 
You can find this by following the C:\Program Files\runic games\torchlight\Application Data link.
It should look like C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods\bgbr_FishMash if you are running Vista.

This mod gives you the ability to combine fish via transmutation, to create fish of a larger size.

It also adds a new size of fish between Normal and Big. Normal fish have been renamed Small, and the new, Medium fish, use the fish's original name. For Example, Muckfish is now Small Muckfish, and the new fish took the name Muckfish. These new fish are at the midpoint between Small and Big in rarity, price, and effective time (1800 seconds). This new Medium fish now uses the plain name of each fish species, and the original Normal fish are now known as Small fish. This only changes the display name of the fish, so for all other purposes, the Small fish work exactly the same as Normal fish. It retains it's NAME (fish_[fishname]) so any references in script will not be harmed, the new normal sized fish are fish_[fishname]_med and are replacements for the original fish in display name only. The mod also adds 36 transmutation recipes to the game. These recipes allow you to take a single stack (5) of a size of fish, and transmute them together to make 1 fish of the larger size. For example, transmuting a stack of Small Muckfish (fish_muckfish) creates a single Muckfish (fish_muckfish_med), and transmuting a stack of Muckfish creates a single Big Muckfish (fish_muckfish_big). I have personally tested every recipe to make sure they work, and there are no bugs that I am aware of. If you find a bug caused by my mod, please PM me with details.

This mod will not change the display names of fish already in your inventory prior to installing this mod. For all intents and purposes your Normal fish will work perfectly fine with the new Small fish, as they are still technically the same thing, with a different display name. This may cause some slight confusion when you mix 5 Normal fish together, to create a Medium fish, as the display name will not change. For example, transmuting a stack of Muckfish (fish_muckfish) creating a single Muckfish (fish_muckfish_med). To discern between the two, simply look at the effective time of the two, as that is the largest difference between them.

This mod does not alter the files for Big or Giant (Permanent) fish in any way.


version 1.01:

Changed fish_lampfish_med's effective time from 3600 to 1800.
Changed icefish_med's effective time from 3600 to 1800.

version 1.02:
Created a new, more comprehensive readme.

version 1.03:
Changed the effective time of all Medium class fish from 1800 to 600

Credit to soullos for this idea.


Known Bugs:

If you do happen to find any bugs not already listed, please PM me with details on the official Torchlight Forums.

~Bogbear|Benjamin Tomfoolery

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