Torchlight TorchCam V1.02
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New features in 1.02:
* Support for all Torchlight retail versions
* Better camera control. You can now set the view angle (default keys are Page Up / Page Down, see the TorchlightCam.ini for more details)
* Automatic zoom, rotation and view angle reseting when entering new areas/maps (enabled by default)

New features in 1.01:
* Support for Torchlight 1.12b
* C++ 2008 dll runtime libraries not required anymore (This should fix win7 and xp problems)

* Special thanks for the original TorchCam developer for showing the community and mod makers what can be done with the Torchlight game.
* Please note that TorchlightCam developers are not connected with TorchCam developer in any way and the applications are completly different.
* Also very special thanks for the amazing testers and nice people at Torchlight forums for helping me to test and make this app perfect!

* Support for Torchlight v1.12b/v1.13/v1.15 retail and v1.15 steam versions
* Left/Right arrow keys to rotate view
* Up/Down arrow keys to zoom in/out
* Page Up/Page Down keys to raise/lower camera (change the view angle)
* Caps Lock key to toggle automatic mouse rotation on/off (Enabled by default at startup)
* Control key to activate mouse rotation (can also be used to disable automatic mouse rotation temporally)
* Middle mouse button to activate direct mouse rotation
* Home key to reset rotation
* End key to reset zoom
* Automatic zoom, rotation and view angle reset when entering new areas/maps
* Z key to disable all features temporally
* Default zoom level setting
* Dbl-click on the TorchlightCam's window to reload settings

All features and all key mappings can be customized by modifying the included TorchlightCam.ini file. Remember to reload the TorchlightCam after modifications or reload the settings by dbl-clicking on the TorchlightCam window.
Here is short explanations of some of the settings and their values:

Specifies if the TorchlightCam should start as minimized
Set to "1" to enable and "0" to disable (default value).

Specifies which mode to enable at start
Set to "1" to enable automatic mouse rotation at game startup (default value) and "0" to disable.

Specifies the area (at center of the screen) in % of screen area that will not detect rotation when using MouseToggle (Caps Lock key) rotation mode.
Default value is 65, meaning that 65% of screen area at center of screen will not detect as rotation.

Specifies the area (at center of the screen) in % of screen area that will not detect rotation when using MouseRotate (Control key) rotation mode.
Default value is 10, meaning that 10% of screen area at center of screen will not detect as rotation.

Specifies if the mouse rotation should be inverted
Set to "1" to enable and "0" to disable (default value).

Specifies if the mouse rotation should be inverted automatically when mouse cursor is below the player character.
This options is handy when you want the rotation tracking to follow the mouse cursor more naturally when walking to the camera direction.
Note: You can use InvertMouseRotation at the same time with this setting.
Set to "1" to enable and "0" to disable (default value).

Running the TorchlightCam:
You can start the TorchlightCam before or after the Torchlight game. TorchlightCam will automatically detect when the Torchlight game is running and activate features. There is no need to close TorchlightCam when restarting Torchlight game. If you have minimized TorchlightCam to the system tray you can right-click the TorchlightCam's icon to select "exit" to close TorchlightCam or double click to make the main window visible again. TorchlightCam includes a small menu that you can activate by right clicking on the TorchlightCam window.

Note about Windows Vista and Windows 7 support: If the app doesn't seem to work, try to run the application with administrators rights by right-clicking on the TorchlightCam.exe and selecting "Run as administrator".

If you have any questions about the TorchlightCam please post comment here or even better in the torchlight official forums. If TorchlightCam doesn't work with your Torchlight game please send me an pm on the official support forums and I will take a look at the problem asap.

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