Torchlight AnotherHUD
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Here's another modified HUD example. It is kinda useless, just compacts the HUD in the bottom left corner, but maybe it can serve as an illustration.

Unzip to mods/ folder. No additional steps required.


  • The HUD overlap with the bottom of the character pane as well as the bottom of pet inventory. I haven't looked into resizing the left side panes (probably doable). Main problem is remaining stats are not visible.
  • The 4 buttons for pet window (and whatever) are currently disabled.
  • Only tested running Torchlight on Linux (using WINE).
  • AnotherHUD adds a new DDS imageset ( No idea if this can cause problems on some setups.
  • All the issues I haven't noticed (yet)


For all I know, installing AnotherHUD may cause Armageddon.

Another Hud