Torchlight Airbender
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Hi everyone, this is a class I made, and is pretty much complete, and very playable. I hope you enjoy it. (I'm not an artist, so I'm re-using the alchemist model.)

Be sure to read the readme if you need help installing the mod
Mod conflicts: Conflicts with any mod that adds a class to the character select screen.

The Airbender manipulates ember dormant in the air, creating force fields to attack, deflect, and defend.


Energy Shield: Creates an energy barrier that unleashes an electrical beam when hit
Reflection Shield: A protective force field that reflects missiles
Air Ricochet: Launches an energy bolt that can bounce off of air
Air Ripple: Ruptures the air around foes knocking them back
Deflector Shield: Creates a protective barrier that knocks back enemies when struck

Vacuum: Pulls enemies towards you draining their life
Vortex: A protective air barrier that absorbs mana
Implosion: A powerful blast that sucks all enemies into you
Speed Suction: Drains the speed of your enemies and transfers it to you
Absorb Power: Drains the strength of your enemies and transfers it to you

Triple Force: Launches 3 Force orbs at enemies
Force Wave: Projects a force barrier forward knocking all that get in the way
Graviton Shift: Manipulates the gravity around foes to slow and stun them
Shatter: Unleashes a burst of energy in four directions
Force Barrage: Unleashes rapid-fire bolts of energy toward foes

Version 1.06