E3: RPG of Show
Geschrieben von Telias am 24.06.2009 um 10:50
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Über den ersten Award dürfen sich Runic Games bereits freuen. So ist Torchlight von der Seite RPGFan zum besten E3 PC RPG gekürt worden.

With more and more RPGs being platform-agnostic these days, it's tough to find a game that is actually native and exclusive to the PC for this award. Last year, it went to Alpha Protocol, a multiplatform title. This year? Runic Games kicked out a title that beats out all of those other titles that dally in the console world by providing us with Torchlight. Torchlight is a fun-to-play hack-and-slash on the surface, and an incredibly deep creation tool underneath it all. Plus, it'll run on just about any computer released in the past few years. We're convinced that some people are going to make the best indie games around as mods of Torchlight. Keep watch for the single-player version this fall and the MMORPG version next year.

So ist vor allem der Editor positiv bewertet worden. Zudem sind die Systemanforderungen so niedrig, das Torchlight auf zahlreichen Computern läuft, die in den letzten Jahren verkauft wurden.