Editor doch nicht mehr diese Woche, dafür Patch
Geschrieben von Theseus am 31.10.2009 um 11:29
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Wie im Runic Games Forum zu lesen, wird der heiß ersehnte Editor doch nicht dieses Wochenende erscheinen. Die Jungs von Runic Games versuchen stattdessen am Montag einen Patch raus zubringen, der sich damit befasst lange Ladezeiten zu vermeiden. Diese treten nämlich bei vielen auf, die Mods benutzen. Dieses steht erstmal im Vordergrund der Arbeit, da man sich lieber um die User kümmert die Probleme damit haben. Der Editor ist also erstmal zweitrangig.

Hey everybody. Just wanted to let everybody know that we aren't going to be able to release the editor as planned today or even monday of next week as I had mentioned in multiple threads. Pretty much our QA has been focused on testing the patch we hope to release at the beginning of next week. We just need to make sure we get everybody running the game that can and get rid of some of these really annoying bugs. Please direct all flames to me - AKA Bebop also known as Marsh.

BTW if anybody is interested.... The bug dealing with long load times should be much better. Also I fixed the bug with people adding mods and taking minutes to load into the game because of it. Also fixed the issue with Ogre not reading in Mesh's correctly from the mods directory. For those people who crashed when adding mods because of "funky" characters other then english as the user name - Fixed.