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Ein neuer Patch bevölkert die Server von Torchlight 2 und kann beim Start des Spieles heruntergeladen werden.


  • Shared stash now creates a backup of itself
  • You can no longer 'steal' items from your buyback tab by closing the window with Spacebar
  • Can’t drag merchant items onto the buyback tab 
  • Gambler does not show 'can't equip' X
  • CTRL-M will instantly toggle map visibility
  • Pet equipment cannot get sockets from enchantment
  • Fixed rare crash related to Charming a monster
  • Multiplayer logging is reduced, and can be disabled with the NEVERLOG commandline argument (may improve performance for some clients)
  • Creating a player in a difficulty other than Normal, directly joining a game, and then exiting, won't revert your stored difficulty to Normal.
  • Confirmation box added for quitting without saving
  • Fixed a few rare hardware related crashes
  • Particle update optimizations
  • Various rendering optimizations


  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where non-killing MP players did not receive appropriate XP falloff due to level delta
  • Armor Degrade properties now apply properly - degrade armor values are reduced for newly generated item properties to compensate for them working correctly - but don't worry, they will be better than before!
  • Zero walkspeed monsters won't attempt to jump down
  • Fixed some display issues with Fame level progress
  • Wandering (non-town-based) Enchanters have a slightly better range of enchantment strengths. They also now have an approximately 20% chance to get a 'powerful enchantment', which are about 50% better than normal. This is represented by a sound and text message in game.
  • Swamp Flier scream debuff will show an appropriate name on debuff icon
  • Creep squish blood now has a censored version
  • Fixed a few areas where loot from a specific event spawned publicly
  • Fixed a few spelling errors
  • Act 4 banner should properly display
  • Pets can be sent to town from the last 2 boss rooms
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally an errant MOUSEUP event could ignore your attack in extremely fast click situations
  • DOTs now correctly calculate bonuses from +DMG%
  • XP and Fame %bonuses from gear are now capped at +/- 100%
  • HP bonus gear will properly be reflected in final health of player to other clients post-zoning 
  • Game can be saved at any time from the options menu
  • Onscreen notification in bottom right of screen when saving takes place
  • Console-created items now have an effect that displays that they were cheat-created
  • Damage reduction effects on the player are capped to 75%
  • Stat expenditures when leveling up are properly synchronized in multiplayer
  • When leveling up, your health is properly recalculated on other clients
  • Skill cycle keys can now be bound to mouse buttons
  • Transmuted items are no longer destroyed if an inventory is full with no place to accept them


  • Berserkers are still targetable while performing Savage Rush
  • Bramble walls and Ice Prison will properly die offscreen, and if the originator leaves the zone
  • Battle Standard's properties are properly exclusive (they don't stack)
  • Fixed charged versions of Fire Bash from levels 9-15 using the incorrect effects (weaker when charged!)
  • Howl duration fixed (Extended)
  • Berserker Wolf Shade master healing property was reduced from 5%+5% per rank to 5% + 2% per rank - and the first rank properly provides healing
  • Vortex Hex won't target smashables
  • Fixed two ranks of Seismic Slam incorrectly doing electrical damage
  • Glaive Throw has had a damage nerf (25% reduction in max damage and decreased growth per rank ) with less additional bounces per tier
  • Elemental attunement properly benefits from owner’s level
  • Elemental Boon should properly speed up cast time on last rank
  • Shadowbind should properly rank up duration
  • Blast Cannon’s armor reduction effect no longer stacks and works for both fire and physical damage
  • Fixed sped up hitframe for male shield skill anim so that it is never skipped when a subsequent skill is queued
  • Outlander Long Range Mastery should now affect wands as well
  • Prismatic Bolt gains charge at half the previous rate
  • Spider Mines should show debuff icons
  • Spider Mine summon duration fixed
  • Shadowling procs from wand chaos or weapon affixes properly last 20 seconds instead of 3
  • Elemental Attunement shouldn’t attack smashables
  • Tremor rank 6 should properly perform its charged effect
  • Immobilization Copter damage effect shouldn’t stomp on other damage effects
  • Berserker Retaliation can only trigger once per second per given target – and no longer procs/leeches
  • Rapid Fire and Venomous Hail now use DPS instead of Damage


  • Fixed some issues with Grom's arena in multiplayer when another player speaks to the NPC while the main area is completed
  • Several boss rooms have had structural changes to make it more difficult to cheese them with certain skills
  • Various minor level scripting or layout repairs
  • Fixed farmable Gel phasebeast room so that XP gain isn't overblown
  • Fixed various other farmable phasebeast unitspawners which incorrectly granted XP
  • Fixed a few areas where the player could get stuck


  • Fixed a case where backlog of messages for resend would escalate and disconnect the client
  • Friends-only games are fixed to synch correctly across lobbies
  • Fixes for various serverside issues
  • Erroneous ‘Connection Failed’ messages should be fixed
  • Games can now be filtered near your level


  • Many wardrobe tweaks and fixes


  • Various alterations were made to better support translated versions of the game, and to detect and deal with other language items during trading

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