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Ein weiterer Patch mit der Versionsnummer 1.14.x.5 wurde nun veröffentlicht. Eines der Highlights ist die Performance-Optimierung bei der Anzeige der Stärkungszauber. Wie bei den vorherigen Patchen wurde nun auch wieder Fehler behoben und Anpassungen an Fähigkeiten und Gegenständen vorgenommen. Hier die originalen Patchnotes im Überblick.

Patch 14 has now gone live!

Here are the patch notes-

    • Intel HD graphics cards should not show ghosting/smearing effects if shadows are enabled
    • LARGE performance optimization to buff/debuff bar displays when there are a large number of overlapping, nonexclusive effects (damage over time, and duration based effects or knockback )
    • Shield Bash bonus damage now deals the stated amount(charged and uncharged)
    • Wolfpack will properly strike turrets
    • Bonuses due to proximity now always expire properly
    • Damage bonuses/reductions for Battle Rage properly expire
    • Fixed Critical Hit bonuses on some effects not properly incorporating bonuses to crit
    • Pet damage bonuses are applied to effects
    • Three Sisters zone now has an appropriate level range for proper NG+ reward scaling
    • Various issues resolved in Luminous Arena in multiplayer
    • Level determinism fixed (Was broken with precacheing in previous patch - could result in triggerable elements and some structural elements re-randomizing on load, or in multiplayer)
    • Set reward for Inquisitor set altered to a functional bonus
    • Fixes to the summon skull proc on equipment (prevents it from spawning exactly on a target)
    • Effects based on proximate monsters now work properly with socketables
    • DOTs were not properly attributing experience if the effect was applied from an item instead of a skill
  • MISC
    • Target Dummy is Charm resistant
    • Fixed issue where rebinding Close All Menus could lock you in pause mode
    • Fix for shift-click casting a left-click spell and then selecting an item (would previously auto-attack)
    • Pet enhancing bonuses work more consistently for pets attached to OTHER pets

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